Lemon, Ginger, Honey Tea

So earlier this year I got really sick – I will spare you guys re-living that.

So while I was down and out, I made this mix and popped it in some hot water to drink – I found it really soothing and nice. Even after I was sick I finished this up, its especially nice before bed on those  REALLY cold days.

Can drink as described, or I also add to my black tea when its seeping.


Lemon, Ginger and Honey : All-Natural Remedy



2 lemons – cleaned

2 piece of fresh ginger (about the size of your pointer and middle finger)

honey (raw if available)

12 oz jar (mason or similar)



  1. Slice lemons and ginger
  2. Place lemon and ginger slices in jar, alternating layers
  3. Pour honey slowly in jar over slices, let it sink down to bottom layers – keep pouring until completly covered
  4. Store in fridge, should turn start to merge together and form jelly type consistency
  5. Add 2-3 tablespoons (include chunks lemon/ginger) to hot water, let steep 3-4 min and drink




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