Lee’s Thugvember

Ok – so I think I had more success than B with my thugvember (Cooking from Thug Kitchen for the entire month). However I did NOT think ahead like B (typical), and forgot to take pictures.

I actually enjoyed most of what I made, and a lot of things I have gone back to since and made again.


pg 37

First – I love trying different kinds of dressings, so I immediately tried one from the book. I loved it, however usually I throw these together quick while I’m making dinner – this one you would need to make ahead I think because you need to roast the carrots and do some blending and wait to cool

However, I thought came out really good – I would have never thought to put carrots, OJ, and vinegar together – but it worked out really well. I will def. make this one again.



ok, so not the most different recipe I’ve ever made, but they came out good and happy. A little dense, not as fluffy as a regular pancake but still really good. Also followed the tip and froze some for later, and they came out great warmed up after frozen.



pg. 53

Ok so I like to make chickpea “tuna” sandwiches, like all the time. But this however was some next level *ish. I wouldn’t have thought to mash the avocado in – but it totally worked, as avocado always does! 🙂 For the first time I did do the whole smoke almond thing, however I have made these a few times since without them, I do like the crunch they add with a little flavor but didn’t miss them. Also I skipped the dill and hotsauce – still great 🙂


I put the following two together, and it was AMAZEBALLS, literally. I’ve made both a billion times since then – LOVE it.


pg 68

This is was GREAT, just a great Asian type rice – adding the sweet potatoes kicked it up a notch and made it really filling. I didn’t have any five spice mix, so I just used the ones I did have (ginger, pepper, cinnamon) and it still came out GREAT. Also – I’m a sucker for anything with peas … so you know — ADD A TON 🙂 🙂


pg 77

I’m not a huge tofu maker, but I wanted to give these a go to mix it up a bit, so I tried the smoke Maple Marinade and the Sweet Citrus Marinade, and both were really tasty, and all the ingredients I have typically so that was nice. However I found them a little weak, so I ended up adding more than what was listed to get more flavor. That is the only reason I knocked off a few points – since I felt the recipe was more of a guide – and then I had to take it from there. However, great flavors that really gave the tofu some taste, and both of these were great in the fried rice above.




Ok guys, you know I am a sucker for a good pickle – so I HAD to try this. I was good – no issues. But I found it a little boring (maybe my pickle tastes are too advanced now) – it was def a good pickle, and up to this point I had not pickled onions. However it was just salt, I think a little bit of other seasonings would have spiced it up a bit.




pg 155

So up until this point I have never had an enchilada – I don’t think. So really, I don’t know if this came out good or bad, but I thought it came out really good. It did make a lot thought, and it did take FOREVER to make, I thought it was quite a process. Good for a weekend meal, but I would not try to make after work.




pg 75

In keeping with my citrus theme apparently, I gave these a whirl. I have never had cold noodles before, and it was ok. It was a cold noodle, the sauce was a little weak I ended up adding some extra of some of the ingredients. I mixed in some of the left over tofu to beef it up for a main dish – cold tofu isn’t really good haha. However, this was light and fresh, and who doesn’t like noodles really? I may give another try.




pg 182

I mean really – quick simple fudge pop – can you go wrong?? It was interesting using the tofu, but it worked out well and you wouldn’t have known. Great chocolate fix if you are having one!


ok – so this one was on the website not in the book, however I had to add it because it was super tasty



It was just a good happy tomato soup, I LOVE TOMATO SOUP – was great with the SAMMIE above, and a toasted cheese ❤





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